I'm convinced on the inside that something's wrong with me

I can fake with the best of anyone.
I can fake with the best of 'em all.
I can fake with the best of anyone.
I can fake it all.

Tell me that you never ever have faked a smile. That you never have walked into a room and smiled widely on the outside, while you on the inside have been crying. Even the popular kids have been depressed once. They are lying if they say they haven't faked a smile. We all have - some of us have just faked it more than others. Nothing wrong with that.

Maybe I should tell my friends that I'm faking most of my smiles nowadays.But then again, they call themselves my best friends, aren't they supposed to see through the fakeness? What do I know.

[credits: Seether - Fake it, Seether - truth]


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Anomaly Undead

Anomaly Undead

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I don't think I will be blogging, and if I do, it will be in English. I'll mostly post pictures and stuff here, because tumblr's being an ass and won't work.