Cover up with make-up in the mirror,

tell yourself it's never gonna happen again!

I am a silly little girl, aren't I?
It seems as if I don't think things through, doesn't it?
The answer would be yes.

The other day I took the scissor in the bathroom, and drew it over the skin of my wrist.
Left a scarlet red straigh line, it did.
It wasn't deep - barely drew blood. But now, every time I see my wrist it's a scarlet red beautifulline there.

Problem is that I have football practice tomorrow, and I can't really wear long sleeves. That would be silly.
Otherwise than that there isn't really a problem.
My family consists of ignorant persons, they don't see. Or perhaps I'm just that good at faking smiles. That's a possibility too.

Gotta go, my hip bones look white - they could use som scarlet red to make them outstanding and beautiful.

[title: Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]


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