desember 2011

Standing alone, without a dream in my heart.

That's how it feels like sometimes.Reality just hits me, and destroy whatever hopes and dreams I have. And I'm left standing there - all alone, without a dream in my heart. But I guess that's nor...

If heaven calls, I'm coming.

It's sad that this is how things are.It's sad that this is basically real life. Oh, how miserable and pathetic human beings are. Seriously, if heaven calls, I'm coming. Without the slightest bit o...

I'll Meet You Here In Heaven

It feels good that you know. That I know. I think... Things will be different. We both will know what the other feel. What the other does. You've always been here for me. And I appreciate that. Yo...

Waiting for the sky to fall.

Panic! At The Disco: Sarah Smiles


While I sit here by myself and figure out how I got this way.

[title: 'if you can't hang' - sleeping with sirens]

But my God - it's so beautiful when the boy smiles.

My mood's changing constantly all the time. I've began cutting in places where it won't be so obvious what it is. For example, my hipbone, my ribs, my collarbone. Just smal rips that can be mistake...

'Cause without you is how I disappear.

I just found out that I am just as ignorant as anyone else. I complain that people don't see past my fake smile?Turns out I can't even see past the fake smile of my very best friend. I have failed...