You're Lost In Your Head Again

I feel that's the most accurate way to describe how I feel.When I'm happy I don't think. At all. I just.. exist. As does all the things around me. But then it's like I'm sucked back into my mind ag...

There's nothing worse than feeling like a ghost.

That moment when you realize that you're mainly all alone in this world...Even though I've known for a long time that I'm mainly on my own - with the exception of a few close friends, it still feel...

'Cause without you is how I disappear.

I just found out that I am just as ignorant as anyone else. I complain that people don't see past my fake smile?Turns out I can't even see past the fake smile of my very best friend. I have failed...

We feel nothing so jump into the fog.

I'm freaking excited now! It's holiday, and it will be awesome!I'll forget about everything this week, goodbye internet, PC, phone... yeah. The only thing I won't forget is my iPod. I'm addicted. ...

A stomach full of pills didn't work again

True story.What I think is less logical is how easily everybody believes the lies I tell. How cant they NOT see that my smile is fake, my wounds are a straight line - and does not look like a burn,...

I'm jot just a man with these broken dreams.

what about you? [Credits: Hollywood Undead - Pour me]

Born in this world as it all falls apart

There is a hell - believe me, I've seen it.There is a heaven - let's keep it a secret.

This ship is sinking tonight

I won't give up on youThese scars won't tear us apartSo don't give up on meIt's not too late for usI'll save you from yourself [Credits: Bring Me The Horizon.]

The final chapter fades away

Starting with a blank sheet of paper. It sounds easy, doesn't it? It's not.If life was easy we wouldn't have to start over again. Have you ever thought about that?So don't come running to me and te...

I'd never take the sun away

Wash it all away. Watch it all fade away in the night. I'd never take the sun away, I'd never bring the dark again. I'd never take the sun away - I wanna wash it all. [My internet is fucked up...

We will never sleep, cause sleep is for the weak!

...and we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead! But that's not my case. Sorry, Bring Me The Horizon, but I'm weak. The first week of school has been exhausting, and then I ended up having ...

When everything's falling down around me...

...I just play my guitar. What do you do?

I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand fucking times.

[title credits: Bring Me The Horizon - It Never Ends]

You're just a cannibal.

Being up until 3 AM isn't good for me. Not at all as a matter of fact. I find myself hilarious, I sit and make fun of people on the television and the way they speak. The way they dress. The way t...

Sleep tight, I'm not afraid.

I'll put a bullet in my head

[Bullet - Hollywood Undead]

It ends here.

Stop talking, stop talking,I need a lover, not a friend tonight,I'm leaving, I'm leaving,I'm not cut out for the modern life.I'm going to beat those teenage kids. [The wombats - ...

I'm not the only one

....and this girl is a freaking model! She was in America's Next Top Model, season twelve, and was runner up to win the entire competition!To me, this means a lot, 'cause I think that maybe...

Never regret what once made you smile

Whenever I have a bad day I just check out this pictures of Avenged Sevenfold - they always make me laugh!...or I just see some video of them.


I rest my case.

Dead Cultoure!

Hoho, I am in love guys, and I have been for a long, long time. Do you know who Hollywood Undead is? If you don't, I say it's time you go check them out!Here are my favourite songs:Everywhere I Go...

Be my, be my baby!

hell yeah! I'm going to watch this just because Zacky Vengeance has a t-shirt with this on it.

If I gave you the truth...

would it keep you alive?

They only care if you can bleed

Norway, My Norway!

Norway. A small nation in North Europe. Not big enoug to find, not small enough to mind. We were a peaceful nation that heard about terror attacks in other countries in the world, thinking it would...

And never again..

And we'll love again, we'll laugh againWe'll cry again and we'll dance againAnd it's better off this waySo much better off this wayI can't clean the blood off the sheets in my bedAnd never ...

Oh Well..

I have entered another freaking writing contest. Two, as a matter of fact. Or, kind of three... The one I was talking about first... I have to write it now. I got a picture from weheartit.com:and ...

Stay Beautiful, Keep It Ugly

Spiderpig 2.0

Pedophile, pedophiledoes whatever a pedophile doesdoes he rape little girlsdoes he have pbic curlsLook out, here lives a pedophile  too much sugar and coffein is NOT a good combination.

Look alive, sunshine.

I have lost, and I have lovedSleep has stolen far too muchSo don't close your eyes, not just yetSleep is just a cousin of death

That's how depression hits.

Happy birthday Syn Gates!

Happy birthday, Synyster Gates! And a funny one:But seriously; happy 30th birthday, Brian! I love you very much! ♥This is seriously the worlds greatest lead guita...


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