Back To California, pt 3/3

This is for Victoria - the awesome blogger that have commented on the story! Enjoy! Johnny spent the rest of the night talking to Helena, and much to his surprise ? he didn?t try to seduce her. ...

Back To California, pt. 2/3

Part 2 of my threeshot about Johnny Christ :) The next day was spent at the beach, and the boys were impressed. The beach went as long as you could see in both directions, the sand was soft ? al...

Back To California, pt. 1/3

I'll be posting my three-shot Back To California here now. Mostly because I want my stories to go out to people, you know? So here's part 1. Johnny Seward couldn?t be happier at the moment. He w...
Anomaly Undead

Anomaly Undead

17, Oslo

I don't think I will be blogging, and if I do, it will be in English. I'll mostly post pictures and stuff here, because tumblr's being an ass and won't work.